Demented Self Portrait in Contour Line Style 2022

I currently live in Chico, CA, where I have integrated art and community into the fabric of my life. My artistic journey encompasses drawing, painting, and sculpting, with a particular fascination for stop-motion animation and creepy, whimsical themes. I participate in local art markets, sell live portraits and proudly volunteer on the board of the Chico Arts and Culture Foundation (CACF) helping provide funding to the local arts community and managing their web and social media presence.
I've been an artist, illustrator and graphic designer at Fifth Sun creating t-shirts and apparel for ten+ years. It has recently been acquired and renamed Mad Engine Global in 2021. I specialize in Photoshop and many other adobe products keeping my team informed, managing our Microsoft Sharepoint site, experimenting with Trello automations and building trend books and training guides for other artists. Most recently, I've been discovering how ai can affect my work within my design tools, helping with efficiency, creativity and just plain old staying current with the new technology. 
But wait, there's more! I am also a co-director of the annual Animation Chico Film Festival, celebrating captivating animation from around the world, creating marketing materials, judging submissions and hosting the event. 
Beyond my many artistic pursuits, I find immense pleasure in immersing myself in epic adventures in literature and exploring the intricate wonders of the natural world - particularly bugs and fungi - and science and astronomical objects. An animal lover and creative thinker, my life revolves around the ever-evolving realm of artistic expression and discovery.
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