This is a post from my blog about participating in the Inktober project on social media, completing a drawing each day for the month of October using ink media and daily prompts.
I have officially participated this year on Instagram for Inktober 2019 (#inktober2019)! In years past, I've attempted, or just pined over other artists with the self discipline of impressive qualities I felt I did not possess. However, this year, I possess them and can now proudly say I have self discipline.
Two handfuls of postcards drawn each day in October: 31 in total!
I have created a new Ko-fi account too with the idea that I might send them out as postcards OR you can just tip me $$$ freely because you love me. AND OR EEK...perhaps an Etsy store??? I cannot make up my mind... Too many accounts! I just want to make art. Where's my assistant?! What to do with all these? This is stress inducing. So hit me up if you are interested :)

Playlist of every day of October for Inktober 2019

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